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    The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), founded in 1963, is the largest association dedicated to promoting geology as a profession. It presently has more than 5,500 members in the U.S. and abroad, organized into 36 regional Sections. The Institute adheres to the principles of professional responsibility and public service and is the only international organization that certifies the competence and ethical conduct of geological scientists in all branches of the science with members employed in industry, government, and academia. AIPG emphasizes competence, integrity and ethics. AIPG is an advocate for the profession and communicates regularly to federal and state legislators and agencies on matters pertaining to the geosciences.

    AIPG is a nonprofit organization whose policies are determined by its Executive Committee.

    AIPG Purposes

    The purposes of the Institute shall include:

    1. advance the geological sciences and the profession of geology;
    2. establish qualifications for professional geologists;
    3. certify the qualifications of specific individual Member geologists to the public;
    4. promote high standards of ethical conduct among its Members and Adjuncts, and within the profession of geology; and
    5. represent, and advocate for, the geological profession before government and the general public.

    What AIPG does . . .

    Professional Certification – Certifies geologists based on their Competence, Integrity, and Ethics. Classifications include Certified Professional Geologist, Retired, Honorary Emeritus Member, Affiliated Professional, Candidate for Certification, and Student.

    Ombudsman – Intervenes with regulatory boards and agencies on behalf of individual geologists, at the geologist’s request. Information also is disseminated in cooperation with the Association of State Boards of Geologists.

    Lobbying – Presents testimony and position papers to Federal and State legislators and agencies on matters affecting geologists and geologists’ employment opportunities. Exhibits at the National Conference of State Legislators.

    Liability Insurance – Provides access to insurance for errors and omissions, designed specifically for geologists.

    Continuing Education – Through publications, seminars, short courses, and field trips, provides educational opportunities for geologists, other scientists, engineers, and the general public. The American Institute of Professional Geologists, in cooperation with the Colorado School of Mines, presents the Management Development Program for Geologists and Related Professionals. This program is specifically structured for geologists and other scientific and engineering professionals.

    Health, Life, and Accident Insurance – Provides access to a full line of health, life, and accident insurance.

    International Comity – Through agreements with professional societies in other countries, provides access for its Members to professional registration, certification, or chartered status in those countries.

    State and Section Activities – State and regional sections work on local political issues and the professional status of geologists in their geographic areas. The Institute’s sections around the country hold regular meetings, featuring educational programs covering important subjects of interest to professional geologists. One of the most worthwhile benefits of AIPG Membership is the opportunity to make personal contact at the local and State level; to meet fellow geologists; and to learn from them.